Monday, July 30, 2007

The Second International Workshop on the Taiwan Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins

Taiwan Humpback Dolphin, Photo courtesy of FormosaCetus Research and Conservation Group.

The Second International Symposium and Workshop on the Conservation and Research Needs of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, in the waters of western Taiwan will take place in (Lukang/Taichung) Taiwan from September 4-7, 2007. Details will be posted as soon as we receive them.

The Hushan Dam project will have a very negative impact on Taiwan's unique and extremely vulnerable population of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins Sousa chinensis (Pink Dolphin/Chinese White Dolphin). See the Save the Taiwan Sousa Dolphin Blog for details.


Anonymous said...

This is the Taiwan I want to see, with rainforest intact and its creatures, the real Formosa. Instead, scenes of dams and concrete recreational centres will fill this area - Formosa, it no longer is. I weep for my generation and the future generations and can barely control my rage for the economic greed of people.

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association said...

Right on, Chien-Hue !