Monday, July 2, 2007

Monitoring of Fairy Pitta nests and the movements of fledglings

During the breeding season (May-July) Fairy Pitta nests are monitored by camera. General information on the nest can be obtained this way with disturbance of the nesting site being kept to a minimum. The monitoring of nests help researchers learn about the movements of adult birds during nesting; the size of broods; diet; dangers to the nest; and nest predation. It would appear that snakes, squirrels, monkeys and ants are the major threats to nests apart from flooding.

As the nestlings fledge, researchers are ready and catch the young fledglings to record details and band them before releasing them. Some fledglings are fitted with radio transmitters. Very little is known about the movements of fledglings and radio tracking is helping researchers to better understand what goes on after nestlings fledge.

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A fledgling is banded.

Measurements are taken.

The fledgling is weighed.

Blood is taken.

A transmitter is fitted.

Fledgling with transmitter.

A fledgling is photographed before being released.


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