Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Your Help is Needed-Send a Letter to Taisei Corporation

Taisei Corporation has been awarded the contract for the construction of the main structure of the Hushan Reservoir. Please help us by voicing your opposition to the Hushan Dam and sending a Letter to Taisei Corporation.

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Send a Letter

Please copy the letter below or draft your own letter. Then, visit Taisei Corporation's message service and paste the letter and enter your name and contact e-mail address on their message system. Also, if you could copy and paste a copy of your letter and e-mail it to us for our records at keephushanwild@gmail.com.

Taisei Corporation Letter of Concern

Re: The construction of Hushan Reservoir, Yunlin County, Taiwan.

Taisei Corporation.
President and Representative Director,
Takashi Yamauchi.

Dear Sir,

Taisei Corporation has been awarded the contract to construct the main structure of Hushan Reservoir in Yunlin County, Taiwan. The construction of a reservoir within an internationally listed Important Bird Area (IBA TW017:- Important Bird Areas in Asia, Key Sites for Conservation. BirdLife International, 2004) which will flood much of this globally Important Bird Area is neither responsible development nor sound management of Taiwan’s remaining natural resources.

Taisei Corporation states in their Environmental Policies that “Taisei endeavors, in every business activity, to protect and create a better environment by effectively using its environmental management system (EMS). To this end, the company has set forth the following principles in order to fulfill our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen.”

You may say that you are only following up on a project approved by the government and can not control what the government chooses to do with its resources. We must inform you first that your participation in the development by wielding the murder weapon if you will, makes you as culpable as any government agency.

Second, we should remind you that this development is currently the subject of pending litigation and as such you could be wasting important assets of your company which would further call into question your commitment not only to social responsibility in general, but your legal responsibility to maximize shareholder benefits.

The proposed construction will irreversibly destroy globally important habitat, directly increasing the risk of extinction of a number of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red Data listed species.The Fairy Pitta Pitta nympha, is a “star” animal in Taiwan, so your activities will also expose you to a potential public relations disaster. The completed reservoir will be used to supply water to high carbon emission industries that threaten the remaining natural habitat along Taiwan’s west coast and will greatly increase the likelihood that another “star” animal, the Taiwan Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin Sousa chinensis will be pushed to extinction.

We urge Taisei Corporation to make good on your stated intention to be a good corporate citizen and immediately announce your withdrawal from such an environmentally damaging project. Should you be concerned about possible legal exposure due to such withdrawal, we understand that legal services in this regard can be arranged at no cost to Taisei Corporation.

Yours Sincerely,



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