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Taiwan Bird Books

Some information on Taiwan birding related books.

Field Guides:

A Guide to the Birds of Taiwan, Sheldon Severinghaus, Kang Kuo-wei and Paul Alexander; The China Post 1970.

New Guide to the Birds of Taiwan, Sheldon Severinghaus & Kenneth Blackshaw, Mei Ya Publications 1976, ISBN-10: 0915180057; ISBN-13: 978-0915180059.

A Field Guide to the Wild Birds of Taiwan, (John) Wu Sen-hsiang et al. Taiwan Wild Bird Information Centre 1991, ISBN: 957-9578-00-1. (Mandarin with English common names).

A Field Guide to the Birds of Taiwan, (James) Chang Wan-fu, Cheng & Tsui 1999, ISBN-10: 0917056434; ISBN-13: 978-0917056437. (Text in Mandarin with common names and status in English).

A Field Guide to the Birds of China, John MacKinnon & Karen Phillipps, Oxford University Press 2000, ISBN-10: 0198549407.

Birding Location Guides:

A Birders Guide to Taiwan, Dave Sargeant, Spiralbound, 1998.

Birdwatcher’s Guide to the Taipei Region, Kao Li-fung et al, Department of Information, Taipei City Government 2004, ISBN: 957-01-7797-7.

Birdwatching in Taiwan, Shi Rui-De et al, Wild Bird Society Taipei 2005, ISBN: 957-98751-9-7.

Threatened Birds:

Saving the Black-faced Spoonbill, Chung Hung-pin & Kang Jih-sheng, Tainan County Government 2003, ISBN: 957-98168-1-6. (Bilingual).

Guide to the Threatened Birds of Taiwan, Fang Woei-horng, Owl Publishing House 2005, ISBN-10: 9867415817. (Bilingual).


The Swallows’ Return: A foreigner’s history of birdwatching, conservation and culture in Taiwan, Kate Rogers, Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute 2006, ISBN: 986-00-4146-6. (Bilingual).

Some of these books are available through the Wild Bird Society of Taipei.
Contact person: May (

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