Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Press conference: Year End Elections: First Wave of Green Party Candidates

We've just been sent a press release from the Taiwan Green Party. We'll be interested to hear what their candidates have to say amidst the mudslinging contest between the two major parties; the DPP and KMT. Here's the press release and we'll let you know shortly what the Green Party candidates have to say.

“Give Blue and Green Back to the Skies and Earth; Take Back Politics for the People”

Time: 1400-1500 pm 4 August 2010
Place: Taipei Artists Village No 7 Beiping E Rd (corner of Tianjing Road)

With the year-end elections in Taiwan’s five special municipalities we once again face prospects of the same scorched earth that we were left with after the 2008 mudslinging exercise by the two major political parties.

This time, the candidates put forth by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are little more than pawns for their respective mayoral candidates and we can expect a continuation of their fiddling while Taipei burns if they are elected again.

The Green Party asks: When will politics get back to being a means for helping the people rather than a means for helping the politicos?

This afternoon we are pleased to announce the first group of Green Party candidates for the year end elections and will also be laying out our policy and procedure for seeking other candidates to join us in the important election activities.

Also attending the press conference are children and companions of the candidates.
Please come and join us and get to know the candidates and the Green Party. Refreshments will be served.

Taipei City District 2 (Neihu, Nangang) LEE Ying-hsuan 25, Soochow University Masters Student

Taipei City District 3 (Sungshan, Sinyi) PAN Hansheng 40, Co-convenor of the Green Party Taiwan

Taipei City District 6 (Da An, Wunshan) CHANG Honglin 39, Secretary General of the Green Party Taiwan

New Taipei City District 1 (Tamshui, Bali, Shimen, Sanjhih) WANG Chongming 31, Tanshui Bring the Youth Back Community Development Association

Contact: Green Party Co-convener PAN Hansheng 0935-295815, Secretary General CHANG Honglin 0936-047168


時間:2010年8月4日(三) 下午2點~3點
地點:台北國際藝術村 幽竹廳 (北平東路7號,天津街口)





台北市第二選區(內湖、南港) 李盈萱 25歲 東吳人權所碩士生
台北市第三選區(松山、信義) 潘翰聲 40歲 綠黨召集人
台北市第六選區(大安、文山) 張宏林 39歲 綠黨秘書長
新北市第一選區(淡水、八里、石門、三芝) 王鐘銘 31歲

綠黨 02-2392-0508 召集人 潘翰聲0935-295815 秘書長 張宏林0936-047168