Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pitta on an Excavator

Early on the morning of June 12 a newly fledged Fairy Pitta was photographed as it landed on the tracks of an excavator. The Pitta had only fledged about an hour before. The excavator stood parked and ready to tear apart the area where the nesting site was. The first photo shows the newly fledged Pitta resting on the tracks of an excavator. The second photo shows the excavator. The nesting site was just behind the bamboo to the left of the photo. The third photo shows the nesting area with the CCTV camera monitoring the nest. This construction work is unrelated to the Hushan Dam but is taking place within the same Huben Important Bird Area. Habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate and it's not just the dam that is threatening the Pitta.

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