Friday, June 29, 2007

Huben and the Purple Butterflies

Late March through to late April can be a really magical time of the year for nature lovers visiting the Huben-Hushan area. From late March through to about the tenth of April great numbers of Purple Crow (Euploea) Butterflies pass through the Huben area on their spectacular journey from southern Taiwan to northern Taiwan. This butterfly migration is amongst the world's most spectacular butterfly migrations. Indeed, Taiwan is often referred to as the Island of Butterflies. With around four hundred butterfly species found on Taiwan, Taiwan is a paradise for butterfly watchers.

Literally, coinciding with the Purple Crow/Milkweed Butterfly migration through central Taiwan is one of the world's most spectacular raptor migrations. The Grey-faced Buzzard is also moving through the area in their thousands (A Brief History of Grey-Faced Buzzard Conservation in Taiwan). This continues until about 7th April and then it's just about a two week wait until the Fairy Pitta return to the Huben-Hushan area.

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A researcher during the April 07 butterfly migration through Huben.

Two Band Crow Euploea sylvester swinhoei

Dwarf Crow Euploea tulliolus koxinga

Striped Blue Crow Euploea mulciber barsine

Other Huben Butterfly Photos

Taiwan Asagi Madara Parantica swinhoei

Tailed Green Jay Graphium agamemnon

Purple Saphire Heliophorus ila matsumurae

Ypthima formosana

Byasa impediens febanus

Blue Triangle Graphium sarpedon connectens

Common Jester Symbrenthia lilaea formosanus

Common Mapwing Cyrestis thyodamas formosana

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