Friday, April 17, 2009

Rare Maroon Orioles spotted

A rare male Maroon Oriole (Oriolus trailli ardens) photographed on Sunday 12 April 2009 in the Huben/Hushan forest. The beautiful red-listed Maroon Oriole is one of the endangered residents of the area that will be displaced by the Hushan Dam.

The endemic subspecies of Maroon Oriole (Oriolus trailli ardens) is listed on the IUCN Red List as Endangered. The Taiwan endemic subspecies, race ardens, was discovered by Victorian naturalist Robert Swinhoe in 1862. Taiwan's Maroon Oriole population is between 200-500 individuals according to the Guide to Threatened Birds of Taiwan (Fang 2005). Maroon Oriole are a rare resident in the Huben/Hushan area. A pair was seen on Sunday April 12 in remaining forest close to an area that will be flooded by the Hushan Dam when it is complete. Taiwan's Maroon Oriole population is declining through habitat loss.


PSYL said...

Another example of the failure of the government in ignoring conservation issues.

That's a beautiful bird, and it is sad to see its home being displaced by a dam.

Anonymous said...

Right on PSYL! A shocking failure!