Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taipei Birdfair 2008

A visitor to a very wet 2008 Taipei Birdfair in Guandu Nature Park

The 2008 Taipei Birdfair hosted by the Wild Bird Society of Taipei was held in Guandu Nature Park over the weekend of November 8-9. Unfortunately it rained through much of the weekend which resulted in a far lower number of visitors than usual. Both local and international birding societies, groups and NGOs were present. The Wild Bird Society of Yunlin provided information on the Hushan Dam-Fairy Pitta issue and the plight of the unique population of Taiwan humpback dolphins.

International groups present were BirdLife South Africa, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, Malaysian Nature Society, Singapore Nature Society, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Wild Bird Society of Shanghai, Wild Bird Society of Japan, and Bird Conservation Society of Thailand.

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