Friday, December 21, 2007

Australia's first Fairy Pitta and a winter sighting on Borneo

Wintering records for the Fairy Pitta remain few and far between. It is generally suggested that the species most likely winters on Borneo but in reality researchers know little and most will admit to this being more of an educated guess.

Interestingly, a Fairy Pitta recently showed up in northern Australia. The bird was thought to be a Blue-winged Pitta at one point but has since been confirmed to indeed be Australia's first Fairy Pitta. Blue-winged Pitta are recorded as a vagrant to NW Australia. Click here, here and here for some photos and here and here for some info.

Also, a Fairy Pitta was photographed by a person named Yeo on Borneo at the Matang Wildlife Centre, Kubah National Park of Sarawak, Eastern Malaysia on 11 November 2007. We have seen two photos and the bird is a Fairy Pitta but we are still awaiting further details of the sighting.

Fairy Pitta wintering area mystery continues

Search for the Fairy Pitta wintering area

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