Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tomb Raptor

Sunday July 12th saw the premiere of the film Tomb Raptor on National Geographic Channel Taiwan. Tomb Raptor is a documentary about the migratory Grey-faced Buzzard. It is the fourth program in National Geographic Channel's four program series Taiwan to the World 3. Taiwan to the World aims to bring the wonders and diversity of Taiwan to the world. It is in its 3rd season and will be shown on National Geographic Channel internationally in 164 countries.

Much of Tomb Raptor was filmed in the Bagua Mountain area which is a critically important area for migrant raptors on the East Asian Oceanic Flyway. The southern end of Bagua Mountain lies directly across the the Chingshui River valley from the Huben-Hushan area and is another reason why the greater Bagua Mountain-Huben/Hushan area is so critically important to birds and needs to be protected.

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