Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fairy Pitta reserve update

Newly erected signage at the reserve viewing area entrance:- photo courtesy of Mark Wilkie

The little Fairy Pitta reserve set up by a local farmer and concerned residents has its first pair of Fairy Pitta. A pair of pitta are frequenting the hillside just behind the viewing area. Also, common bird identification charts have been put up along with rules for the viewing area. We'll continue to update this story as the reserve develops.

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dlbird said...

Is there any way to let the farmer know that we in the United States thank him so much for what he is doing for this wonderful bird?
Donna Lusthoff, Beaverton, OR

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association said...

Thanks Donna,

I think it would mean a lot to the farmer, Chang Sun-Chih and the other locals to know that folks on the otherside of the world see their efforts. You could send us an e-mail at: and we could pass it on to him and the other folks in Huben.