Monday, September 29, 2008

Some recent photos of the Hushan area

Taiwan is also known as Typhoon Island. Our fourth typhoon of the season has just passed over the island. Typhoons bring heavy rain and strong winds. Landslides are common and bridges get washed away on occasions. During construction of the dam large areas of deforested land lay open to the elements to erode silting up rivers as valuable top soil washes away.

While undoubtedly the construction crews try to minimise this erosion because it causes delays for them, they are pretty powerless against the mighty forces of a typhoon.

Some recent photos of the Hushan area follow showing construction work and some of the damage caused by recent typhoons. Who knows what damage has been caused during the present typhoon? Looking at some of the damage to the bridge and construction work once again highlights the question many have long been asking. Will this dam really be able to stand up to Taiwan's frequent typhoons and earthquakes? Is this not all just a real waste of a very important environmental area?

All photos courtesy of C.C.Chen

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